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Awakening [Complete]

Title: Awakening [Complete]
Characters: HyunJoong, KyuJong
Location: HyunJoong's room.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Drinking and making out. BoyxBoy style.
Summary: [Complete] Hyun and Kyu end up drunk, and things escalate, then come to a crashing halt.

Kyujong was at that point where your body was so tired that you were actually wired beyond belief? If that made any sense at all. He'd spent last night with Jungmin in the hospital, making sure the other didn't wake up and panic. Then he'd left and went back to his room. But he couldn't sleep. Now it was just after 8 o'clock and Kyujong was still wide awake. He didn't just want to sit in his room. He wanted to go see Hyunjoong. He hadn't heard from the other boy in a few days and he was sure the other was avoiding him.

Kyu didn't know why he was avoiding him. But he was guessing it had to do with what had happened in Jungmin's room. So Kyu picked up the few bottles of Soju he had in his room and headed to Hyun's room. Maybe a peace offering?

HyunJoong was avoiding KyuJong, mainly because he thought the other was severely angry with him after that day in JungMin's room. He wasn't sure why the other had been upset the other day, cause Hyun had personally thought that he had been getting along well with Jungmin.... Maybe it had something to do with DJ jumping on him?

So, Hyun had spent most of his time trying to keep the plants from showing how upset he really was. He would spend hours and hours, well into the night, outside in the gardens, the the makeshift greenhouse he had crafted on the south side of the building. But tonight he had come in early to veg in front of the TV, which is exactly what he was doing. He glanced at his phone as another gruesome death appeared on the screen, and sighed. ..... Should he text the other, see how he was going?

Kyujong stopped in front of Hyun's door, taking a few breaths. He didn't know exactly what to say. These kinds of things weren't exactly his strong suit. He hadn't dealt with people being mad at him too often. He just hoped he wasn't too mad at him. Switching one of the soju bottles from one hand into the other holding the other two bottles, Kyu knocked the door in front of him.

He knew. He knew right away who it was when the knock to his door came. Hyun looked up slowly, hesitating. But he couldn't simply let his only friend stand outside of his door. He stood slowly, and moved over to the door, opening it slowly. He managed a slight smiled. "..... KyuJong-ah................ come in...." He stepped aside slightly, leaving room for the other to come in.

"Ah, thanks ..." Kyujong smiled slightly as well, stepping into the room and off to the side so Hyun could close the door.

Hyun closed the door, lowering his eyes slightly as he moved back to his bed, sitting down. "...... what brings you here?"

Kyujong shrugged slightly. "Nothing .... really ... I mean I haven't heard from you for a few days so .... I thought I'd better come apologize ..." He held up the soju bottles to the other.

Hyun smiled. "Why are you apologizing?" he asked. "I should be the one apologizing...." He scooted back on his bed and patted a spot for the other. ".... I feel bad about what happened in Jungmin's room the other day........"

Kyu blinked a bit in surprise, going over to sit beside Hyun on the bed. "What? Why? You didn't do anything wrong? You'd barely even been there five minutes."

Hyun smiled slightly. "You were angry.... because of Jungmin and I...... that's why I'm sorry...."

"What? No..." Kyu shook his head. "Not at all. I wasn't made at either of you. I'm sorry I made you both think that. Especially since I really wanted you two to spend some time together. I was just in a bad mood... I don't even know why..." He sighed softly. "It wasn't your fault, really." He assured the other.

Hyun smiled slightly. "..... Alright....." He held out a hand for a bottle of soju. "This is your peace offering?" he asked, tilting his head slightly.

Kyu grinned helplessly. "Yes it is. It was all I could think of, since I'm not good with plants." He attempted to be as cute as possible.

Hyun laughed softly, leaning over and ruffling the other's hair. "Thank you.... but all you really needed to do was come see me, and that would have been enough." He stood off the bed and moved to his dresser, opening top drawer and pulling out a bottle opener. He popped open the bottle, before holding the opener to Kyujong.

"Well then I've just brought the icing on the cake, yeah?" He grinned taking the bottle opener from him.

Hyun grinned, and nodded. "Mm, indeed.... you did." He set down on the bed again, taking a long sip from his bottle. He let out a soft sigh, staring at his door.

Kyujong took a sip as well. "So, does this mean I'm forgiven?" He asked with a smile.

Hyun looked at him and smiled, nodding. "You didn't even need to ask." He took another sip of his drink, before flopping back on the bed. He turned the bottle in his hand around a few times, watching the liquid. "How are your ribs feeling? Better?" he asked.

Kyujong nodded. "Oh yeah, they've been find for a couple days now." He patted his side. "I'm a quick healer." He took a long swig of his bottle. "So what've you been up to the last few days?"

Hyun shrugged slightly. "Eh..... gardening..... Had to help out in a few classes, but nothing too bad.... You?" he asked, looking up at the other.

"Pretty much the same ... you know ... minus the gardening part." He grinned. "I had to take Jungmin to the hospital. He got pnumonia." Kyu shook his head slightly, taking another sip of his Soju.

Hyun sat up, blinking. "Pneumonia?" he asked. "Is he alright?" Hyun's brows creased. Pneumonia didn't just come on randomly like that, so something must have happened.

"Yeah, I think he's going to be fine. I saw him earlier. He was awake and seemed to be okay. Despite his apparent deathly fear of needles." He shook his head. "Took me a while to convince him to stay there." Kyu flopped back on the bed with a sigh.

Hyun shook his head slightly. "I see....." He looked back down at his bottle, before lifting it to his lips and taking a long sip, nearly finishing it off. "You're a good friend, KyuJong-ah," he said with a soft smile.

"Yeah?" He glanced up at the other. "You think so? I try." Kyujong smiled slightly and took another sip of his drink.

Hyun laughed lightly, and nodded. "I do think so." He finished off his soju, before settling the bottle beside his bed, flopping down on his back beside the other.

Kyujong smiled. "Well that's good. You're not a half bad friend either." He assured the other happily. "You know there's another bottle if you want something more to drink..." He lifted his bottle to his lips again.

HyunJoong laughed. "Trying to get me drunk?" he asked in a teasing tone as he picked up the bottle and popped it open.

Kyu propped himself up on one elbow looking at the other. "Maybe." He snickered. "What's wrong with that, hmm?" Kyujong grinned, the alcohol was beginning to seep into his blood and since he wasn't burning any metals to burn the affects away like usual, it would work faster.

Hyun snickered. "Aaaaaabsolutely nothing. But you can't blab to anyone, cause 'm technically not allowed to be drunk." He grinned and took a sip from the other bottle.

Kyujong grinned. "Sure you are. You're off duty. Just don't tell them I was here. Cause I'm still underage and I'll have to blame it on you." He said teasingly.

Hyun wrinkled his nose in displeasure. "See, now that's not fair.... very very devious of you, KyuJong-ah..." He reached over and pushed the side of the other's head slightly.

Kyu snickered and turned his head, pretending to bite the other's hand. "I am quite devious you'll find." He took the last long sip of his bottle before sitting up and putting the green item down on the floor. "Oh, whoa..." He put a hand out slightly. "Room spin..."

Hyun laughed lightly, withdrawing his hand, before blinking when the other sat up. Concerned, he leaned forward, taking the other's hand lightly. "Shouldn't've sat up so fast, silly...." He pressed the back of his hand lightly to the other's cheek, before snickering. "Such a lightweight..."

Kyujong was only vaguely aware of the other's hand on his face as his brain tried to sort itself out. "Hey, we can't all be as old as you. Veteran drinker, you." He snickered.

Hyun shook his head, grinning. "Nah, I've only had drinks a few times...... not that much. But, you are underage." He poked the other's temple lightly. "There's a reason you can't drink until a certain age..... cause your body can't handle it."

"Yeah, yeah. whatever you say..." He reached up and poked the other's chest. "I'm sure if I drank more often I'd be fine." He took the bottle of soju from the other's hands and took a sip from it.

A shake of his head and a slight whine when the other poked his chest preceded a scowl on Hyun's face. "You're not allowed to drink more often..... why would you want to do that?"

Kyujong shrugged, swallowing his mouthful of alcohol. "Why not? At long as you're with friends and you know your limits." He grinned. "What are you? My mom?" He pushed the other with one hand.

Hyun growled lightly when he was pushed. "No, 'm not your mom, but I'm your friend. I don't want you getting in trouble." He reached for the bottle again.

Kyu snickered. "Dun worry about me. I'm be fine." He assured him with a grin.

"You don't have a choice in the matter. I'm always going to worry about you," he said, before taking a long sip of the soju.

Kyu rolled his eyes. "Don't you have better things to worry about than me? I'm fine..." He smirke and tipped the end of the soju bottle up with the other was just about to take a sip.

Hyun pulled the bottle away from his mouth as the liquid spilled all down his shirt and over his chin. "Oi! That wasn't nice!" he said, pushing the other lightly as he turned his head away from the other to take a real sip. He scowled at the other when he lowered the bottle again. "Don't do that again..."

Kyujong snickered. "Don't say that ... it just makes me want to do it again." He reached his hand forward as if to attempt it.

"Aish!" He pushed the other's hand away. "Such a troublemaker......" Hyun offered him the bottle, wiping the soju from his mouth and chin. "If you wanted some, all you had to do was ask."

Kyu grinned. "Who said anything about wanting some? I just wanted to get it all over you." He said with a smirk.

Hyun scoffed, and stood from the bed, setting the bottle on the table beside the bed, and went over to his closet. He opened it up and reached to the hem of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head. "Yeah, well, now I hafta change my shirt. It's the third one today.... 'M gonna have to do laundry again later on..."

Kyujong snickered again. "Third one today? What exactly have you been doing in here, hmm?" He wondered playfully, his eyes lingering on the other's body perhaps a bit longer than they would have if he had been completely sober.

Even drunk, Hyun could still feel the other's eyes on him, and it cause goosebumps to rise on his arms. He shivered, and pulled another shirt from the closet and tugged his over his head. "I ruined one gardening, and the second one just got Soju on it cause'a you." He huffed slightly and went back to the bed, flopping down.

"Yeah? Well shouldn't that be telling you something?" He wondered, grinning.

"Like what?" he asked, picking up the soju bottle again and taking a sip.

"Like just leaving it off." He stated simply.

Hyun blinked, then shrugged, handing him the soju. "Arright then." He pulled his shirt up and off, tossing it on the floor. "'Soff then...." He grinned at the other.

Kyujong blinked for a long moment. Again his brain wasn't processing quite as fast as it could, or probably should have given the circumstances. "Well then, guess you're not as much of a prude as I thought." He gave a slight half smile, still kind of surprised the other had actually taken off his shirt all together.

Hyun laughed, flopping down onto the bed. "A prude, huh? Does erreone think i'mma prude?" he asked, glancing at the other.

Kyu shrugged. "Dunno. How would I? I don't talk to other people about you." He was still propped up on one elbow, looking down at the other now.

Hyun grinned slightly, tucking his hand behind his head. "Mm... good to know, then." He laughed lightly, and looked up at the ceiling, sighing.

"Huh? What's good to know?" He wondered curiously, tilting his head slightly.

Hyun looked at the other and gave him a lopsided grin. "Tha you don't talk about me behind my back..."

Kyu chuckled a bit. "Do I look like someone who'd do that?" He poked the other's stomach lightly.

Hyun whined, recoiling slightly when his stomach was poked. "No..... and don't do that!" he said, pouting slightly.

Kyu snickered. "But I liiiiike to." He remarked in an equally whiney tone.

"Whyyyyyyyy?" he whined back, wrinkling his nose.

"Because it's fun!" He poked him again.

Hyun curled up on himself with a with a whine. "Kyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" he whined, batting lightly at the other's hand. "Dun do that!"

Kyujong laughed again. "Why nooooot?"

Hyun made a face. "Cuz I dun like it!"

Kyu rolled his eyes. "Fiiiiiine ... won't do it no more .... " He rolled over on the bed.

Hyun laughed and scooted closer to him, grinning. "Kyujong-aaaaaah....."

Kyu blinked and glanced over at him. "Hmmmm?" He smiled at him.

Hyun rested his head on the other's shoulder, grinning like an idiot. "Thanks for the soju......"

Kyu reached up and touched the other's nose with his finger. "You're welcome." He said sincerely, watching the other with a smile. "I will remember to get you some more whenever I go now ..."

Hyun laughed softly, shying away when the other touched his nose and hiding it in the other's shirt. He stopped for a moment, and simply breathed. "Nn.... you smell nice."

"Hmm? Yeah?" Kyu watched the other shy away from his hand, his intoxicated gaze watching the other more intently. "You sure? Usually I smell like DJ..."

He laughed, and nodded. "Mm..... you don't smell like DJ today though.... it's nice....." He inhaled again, before exhaling softly. "..... really really nice....."

"That's good then. I wouldn't want you to think I smell." Kyu shifted slightly onto his side, looking at the other, Hyun's face still buried slightly in his shirt. He swallowed softly when he realized just how close the other was to him. Which was, believe it or not, a bit more intoxicating than the actual alcohol and he took in a long, subtle breath, the other's hair right by his cheek. "You smell pretty good too." He admitted.

Hyun laughed lightly, looking up at the other slowly, rather oblivious to their proximity. "Yeah? I would've though I smelled a lot like dirt and grass," he said in a teasing voice.

Kyu smiled slowly. "But you always smell like that."

Hyun grinned. "Mm, I do.... 'cept when I get out of the shower. Then I smell like Herbal Essences....."

He nodded slightly. "Yeah, you do." He agreed with the same lingering half smile. "Still a nice smell though."

His grin turned into a warm smile, and he simply looked at the other, unable to look away. "Well, I'm glad you like it, then....."

Kyujong blinked. "Really? Why?" He tilted his head just a bit from the position it was in against the bed.

Hyun shrugged slightly. "Cause if you didn't like the way I smelled, you wouldn't hang out with me." He smiled shyly.

Kyujong blinked again before laughing softly. "Yes I would. I like you more than I like the way you smell." He promised, lifting one hand and resting it lightly on the other's waist. "So I would still hang out with you."

Hyun shifted slightly closer to the other. "Yeah? Even if I smelled like DJ used me as a bathroom for two weeks?" he asked, smiling.

Kyujong made a face, laughing at the ridiculousness of the other's statement. "No, if that happened I would not hang out with you unless you took a shower first."

Hyun laughed. "I see.... well, I promise to shower every day, then, so that you will still hang out with me."

He shook his head, patting the other's cheek with one hand lightly. "You're so odd."

Hyun wrinkled his nose when the other patted his cheek. "Maybe so.... but you really have me any other way?"

Kyu grinned. "Nope, I love you just the way you are." He promised him.

Hyun blinked, and smiled. "Mm, you love me?" he asked, shifting slightly on the bed.

"Mmhmm, 'course I do..." Kyu nodded, tracing his finger lightly around the other's cheek now, his alcohol hazy mind having a short attention span.

Hyun watched the other with a smile, savoring the feel of the other's finger against his cheek. "Nn..... that's good..... caaaaaaaaause...... I think I love you too...."

Kyujong smiled. If the other was confessing to him, Kyu's mind certainly wasn't grasping anything seriously at the moment. "Mmm, your skin is so soft..." The younger man was clearly fascinated. "Some kind of plant do that?"

Hyun laughed, and shook his head slightly. "Nope.... I don't do anything to my skin...." He grinned, and simply watched the other quietly.

"You sure?" He was obviously in a bit of disblief. So in an attempt to assure himself Kyujong leaned over and pressed a kiss to the other's cheek.

Hyun blinked when the other kissed his cheek, a bit startled despite the fact that he was intoxicated. He pulled his head back slightly, looking up at the other with wide eyes. But, a few moments later, before he could stop himself, he was leaning in slowly, the whole time watching Kyujong, and pressed a light, soft kiss to the other's lips. He pulled back slowly, blinking a few times at the other and looking rather confused by what just happened.

Kyujong was barely registering anything at this point, at least as far as repercussions later on. The only thing he noticed at this particular moment was that Hyunjoong's lips were even softer than his cheek. That was a nice feeling. So nice in fact that Kyu's mouth pressed against those lips again, a familiar jolt of pleasure running through him.

Hyun made a slight sound in his throat when the other kissed him again, suddenly feeling every hair on his body standing on end. He kissed him back slowly, his body slowly relaxing beside the other.

Kyujong's kiss was brief but followed by another and another. Soft, slow, kisses, at first against the other's lips and then along his jaw. And next, Kyujong hand that had been against the other's hip suddenly realized that Hyunjoong's shirt was still missing. More skin. His finger slid up the other's chest, it was amazing just as soft as his cheek but firm and he could help himself from exploring further.

Hyun didn't understand what was going on, but it was such a nice feeling to be touched like this that he didn't make any attempt to stop the other. In fact, he even felt little sounds coming from his throat in response to the other's touches that he was pretty sure he'd never made in his life. His fingers wandered up to thread through KyuJong's hair, and he turned his head slightly to nuzzle against the other. This closeness..... he didn't want to lose it.

Kyujong's mouth wandered down the other's neck, the kisses becoming longer as he flicked his tongue out, tasting Hyun now. The mixture of alcohol and Hyun's skin an oddly amazing combination and he pressed his body more firmly against the other's as Hyun's fingers slid through his hair as he began to suck rather adamantly on a spot of the other's neck.

Hyun hissed softly as the other's mouth fixed to his neck, and he tilted his head slightly to make it easier for the other to reach the spot. The hiss was followed soon by a soft moan, and Hyun nearly melted beneath the other's mouth, twisting slightly against the other. As Kyu's body moved closer, Hyun felt his body hum with each touch that spread over his skin. Gods.......... this feeling.... it was amazing... How had he never felt like this before?

Hyun's free hand wandered down slowly, slipping beneath the edge of the other's shirt to run over the skin of the other's back lightly.

Kyujong could feel the moment when the other's body melted against his own and he leaned closer, humming at the sensation of Hyunjoong's fingers on his skin.

"Hyun-ah." He mumured the other's name, his voice dripping with lust as he pulled his lips from Hyun's neck, leaving a nice visable mark on the skin. The younger man's hand slid down the other's stomach, finger trailing lazily downward.

Hyun shivered visibly when the other said his name in that tone. His eyes opened slowly to look up at the other, smiling happily as the other pulled away. "KyuJong...." he whispered in response, leaning in and capturing the other's mouth with his own again.

The hand that was beneath Kyu's shirt was soon joined by a second, and Hyun began to slowly tug the other's shirt up and over his head. He wasn't so lost that he would take it too far.... but he needed to feel Kyu's skin against his own, and that damned shirt was in the way.

Kyujong didn't know if it was the alcohol, or his recent stress, or the fact that maybe he just didn't feel like being the responsible one for once, though probably a culmination of all of those things, but he had simply shut out an rational thinking for the time being, too focused on feeling right now.

Kyujong moved slightly, pulling out of his shirt, before his mouth was on Hyun's again, his hands on the other's hips, tugging them up slightly and into his own.

The resulting moan that emerged from Hyun's mouth as their hips brushed together was louder than he had meant it. Probably the only thing that made it not so loud was the fact that Kyu's mouth was on his own, smothering the sound. His arms wrapped up around the other's neck, one hand delving into the other's hair as his other roamed freely over Kyu's body. First, down his neck, then his chest, then around to his back, and up again.

His mind, however, was much more focused on his tongue, as he pressed it against the other's lips, asking for permission to taste the other.

Kyujong's mouth opened with out question, welcoming the other's tongue and meeting it with his own. A deep, growl like sound escaped him as Hyun's taste invaded his senses. He slid his tongue into the other's mouth, breathing out slowly through his nose as his hips ground down into the other pair he held against his body.

Hyun's tongue slid against the other, pulling him closer and moaning. His hips rolled up against the other in a reaction to the other's pressure. His fingers tightened in the other's hair as he felt his pants tighten, and suddenly is was very very hot. He pulled his lips away for a millisecond, breathing out KyuJong's name, before his mouth was against the other's again, kissing him hungrily. He couldn't get enough of the other's taste.

Kyujong's breath was hot and fast as he finally, but reluctantly, let their kiss break for a brief second before Hyun was kissing him once more and he returned it fully. His hips rolled deeply into the other's, already feeling that rise of pleasure that would soon lead to an unstoppable desperation. He tips of his fingers curled over the edge of Hyun's pants, trying to find more skin to touch.

Hyun's hips pressed firmly up against the other, hyper aware of every touch of KyuJong's body against his own. As the other's fingers pressed against the skin beneath the edge of his pants, Hyun moaned, pulling his lips away and pressing a hand against the other's chest lightly to pause their activity for a moment. He looked up at the other with eyes laced with lust, bright and wide. "..... KyuJong....." he whispered, swallowing hard.

Kyujong flicked a dark gaze, clouded with lust, up to the other boy. Even the other's fingers on his chest was making his skin yearn to be connected again. His eyes searched Hyun's, his breath and pulse pounding under the other's finger tips. His own hands slid to the mattress of the bed, helping to hold himself up, despite not really wanting to.

"........ Hyun ......" His body was still too intoxicated to grasp things quickly, but he didn't press himself further, sensing the other had something more to say.

Hyun hesitated, looking up at the other. "...... Is this really okay?" he asked softly, breathing hard. He didn't want to stop..... no, he didn't at all. But... KyuJong was a student. Was this going too far?

Kyujong just gave the other a confused expression. ".... I don't know...." Hyunjoong was the older one here, didn't he know? "I should ...... I should stop..." He was trying to gain control over his thoughts, but he didn't know why it was so hard. He should burn pewter, that would help. He reached into his pocket to pull out a vial.

Hyun reached up quickly, grabbing the other's wrist and pulling it away from the other's pocket. He leaned up on one arm, pressing a kiss to the other's mouth softly. "Stop?" he murmured. "..... I don't want to stop.......... but......." His head was starting to clear rather quickly, now that he could sit and think about what they were doing. "..... I just.............." He swallowed, watching the other with a weak smile, before looking away and shifting awkwardly where he was.

Kyujong was watching Hyun with an uncertain gaze and the one thing that he didn't want to happen, began to. His buzz began to fade, his lust replaced with concern by the expression on the other's face.

"No, I think you're right ...." He nodded. Just what was he doing? What did he think was going to come of this? Hadn't he learned his lesson once? Or was he really that stupid?

Hyun watched the other for a moment, before settling back on the bed. He brought his hands to his face, rubbing at his eyes, and draped an arm over them. He pulled his hand away slowly and looked up at the other.

He couldn't think of what to say. His hand lifted lightly to slide over the other's cheek slowly. He wasn't even sure if Kyu would want to be around him after this, so he might as well take everything he could from it, right?

Kyujong leaned his face into the other's touch as he sighed softly. He lowered his arms, letting him rest down against the other's body. Kyu wrapped an arm around the other's body.

Hyun slid his arms around the other with an echoing sigh, nuzzling the other lightly. "... Ne, KyuJong-ah...." he said softly after a few long moments of silence.

"Hmm?" Kyujong's tone seemed almost reluctant to hear what the other had to say.

Hyun smiled slightly. "....... I was serious when I said I think I love you......"

Kyujong blinked. "What?" He pulled back and looked at Hyunjoong with an undefinable expression. Though he was pretty sure there was some intense surprise somewhere on his face. He sat up, starting at the other on the bed.

"..... a-are you serious right now?"

Hyun nodded. "Mm. I am." He smiled slightly. He brushed his fingers lightly through the others hair. "I don't just make out with anyone, you know..................."

Kyujong ran a hand through his hair and slid of the bed. "How ... how can you be in love with me? We haven't even ... I mean ..." No one had ever been in love with him and now ... in a 2 month period ... two people confessed to him? What was he supposed to do now?

Hyun blinked when the other got off the bed, and sat up slowly, watching the other. KyuJong's reaction wasn't exactly what he was expecting--even though Hyun himself didn't know what to expect. But it wasn't this. He watched Kyu for a moment, unsure of what to do.

Finally, he looked away, his expression turning blank. "Sorry, Kyujong-ah.........." he murmured, looking down at his hand. A dull ache started in his chest, and his heartbeat, which had returned to it's normal pace, was suddenly pounding in his ears.

"What? No, don't be sorry..." Kyu turned to the older boy again. He didn't know what to say either. He ran a hand through his hair in frustration. Immediately, Jungmin ran through his mind. He was well aware of how the other felt for him. But Kyu didn't know how he felt for him and now he was forced to think about how he felt for Hyunjoong as well.

"I slept with Jungmin...." In all his confusion Kyujong simply blurted out the first thing that flashes as a problem in his mind. And the fact that he had slept with Jungmin was one of the biggest. He wasn't dating Jungmin. But he couldn't hurt the other boy by dating someone else, not right now anyway. Especially not Hyunjoong, when Jungmin had admitted to him only a day ago that he really thought he and Hyun could become friends.

Aish.... why was life so complicated?

Hyun blinked when the other made his confession, and his heart suddenly stopped. Though, it really shouldn't have surprised him.... the two were, after all, the same age, and in the same squad. And considering the attachment that Jungmin seemed to have for Kyujong, it really shouldn't have surprised him. Besides..... why would Kyu want to be with Hyun when he could have someone his own age?

A short laugh was pulled from his lips, and he wrapped his arms around his body carefully. "Yeah?" He couldn't really think of anything else to say to that. What did Kyu want from him. ".... That's.... nice...." He felt a twinge in his heart, and fisted his fingers in his shirt lightly.

"....... I'm sorry for troubling you....... maybe it's better if we just forget this whole thing." He reached for the forgotten, half-empty bottle of soju, which he lifted to his lips and polished off. Maybe he'd go out for an actual drink and try to forget this whole night altogether. Yeah.... that sounded good.

Kyujong finally opened one vial and down the contents immediately flaring zinc. He wanted to know what the other's feelings.

"No! Ah, Hyun-ah!" His tone was caught somewhere between pathetic and helpless. "You're not troubling me." Well, maybe a little. But it wasn't like he minded the other caring for him. He just felt bad that he couldn't say those words back, not quite the same way as when Jungmin pressed the issue, but close. Kyu sighed softly.

He reached over and took Hyun's hand, the one fisted in his shirt. "I definitely don't want to forget it. Not at all ..." He really was at a loss for words. What could he say to make this okay?

Hyun wanted to pull his hand away, but he couldn't. Instead, he threaded his fingers with the other. He managed to offer a small smile. ".... It's okay, KyuJong-ah.......I understand...... Besides... I'm a staff member...... I'm not allowed to have feelings for a student..." He shook his head slightly, a soft sigh coming from his lips. He nodded faintly, and swallowed. Well..... it was nice while it had lasted, right?

"I don't want to cause any trouble for you...."

Kyujong felt so unbearably guilty. He hated feeling guilty almost more than anything else. He hadn't even thought about the whole student/older member thing until Hyun mentioned it. Not that something like that was really important to him.

Kyu turned the other's hand over, looking at the back of Hyun's hand. "You're not causing trouble for me." The other man looked so fragile right now, just the expression on his face made Kyujong feel like even a misstep might break him. He tried to give the other a reassuring smile.

"Let me stay tonight..." He asked softly. "I'll get in trouble if I get caught drunk in the hallway ... we'll put a movie in or something ...." Kyu's eyes were pleading.

Hyunjoong looked up at the other, his eyes showing his indecision. He hesitated for a moment, before nodding. "...... Okay...." He regretted saying anything about it to begin with. However..... if he truly thought about it..... he would have hated himself more if he had actually slept with Kyujong. He pulled away slowly from the other, picking up Kyu's shirt from the ground where it had been discarded, and handed it to him, with his eyes still lowered.

"Here...... I don't want you to get cold."

Kyujong reached out for the shirt, but instead he grabbed Hyun's wrist lightly and tugged the other to him, hugging the other tightly. "This is all my fault. I'm sorry." He murmured apologetically against the other's ear.

Hyun blinked as Kyu pulled him into a hug. He smiled slightly, burying his face in the other's neck lightly. "..... It's not just your fault," he answered. He wrapped his arms lightly around the other's waist, holding him close. "I get talkative when I'm drunk....... I shouldn't have said anything..."

Kyujong shook his head. "Don't say that. I would've felt even worse if you hadn't known. Besides, I'm a horny and quite forceful drunk. It really is my fault. I kissed you first..." Not that he could've helped it. He was unbelievably attracted to Hyunjoong. Someone would have to be crazy not to be and with Kyu drunk it wouldn't have taken much anyway.

Hyun laughed softly, pulling slightly away from the other, rubbing his forehead. "Yeah, I suppose..... But I encouraged you..... Are you saying you would have forced yourself on me if I had resisted?" he asked, smiling slightly and knowing the answer to the question. "Don't take all the blame for this, KyuJong......." He leaned up and pressed a light kiss to the other's cheek.

Kyu's eyes shifted slightly. "I dunno ... I might have .... maybe a bit..." He sighed softly. "I'm not trying to take all the blame. I just don't want you to be hurt. What I said .... about Jungmin ... I didn't say it to hurt you. I just ... I wanted you to know ... to understand where I am right now. We aren't dating it's just." Kyujong sighed again. ".... it's extremely complicated...."

Hyun nodded slightly. "Yeah....... you don't have to explain it....." He smiled faintly, shaking his head. "It's okay..." He took a step back. "Come on..... lets watch a movie before the Soju makes me get ahead of myself......" He pulled away slightly.

Kyujong blinked, nodding slightly a moment later. "Yeah, alright." He moved back to the bed before sliding down to see on the floor, leaning back against the mattress.

Hyun glanced at him, before picking up a movie and putting it into the DVD player. "Kyujong-ah..... You can sit on the bed, you know." He offered a slight smile, going over to the bed and sitting down with a pillow tugged to his chest.

Kyu glanced over at him. "I've already been enough of a problem tonight....."

Hyun blinked, and smiled softly. "KyuJong-ah....... you haven't been a problem....." He patted the bed lightly. "I'll make sure you keep your hands to yourself, okay?"

Kyujong smiled slightly. "....... alright.... I guess...." He pushed himself up off the floor. ".... are you sure?"

Hyun nodded. "Mm. I'm sure." He offered the other a pillow and smiled.

Kyu took the other pillow, still smiling a bit as he sat down to watch the movie.

Halfway through the movie, HyunJoong ended up falling asleep, still sitting up and clutching his pillow.

Kyujong watched the whole movie. There was no way he was going to fall asleep, at least not for a while anyway. He stood from the bed and moved to where the other was, slidng him gently down into a lying position on the bed.

When he finished tucking the other in, Kyu tossed the pillow Hyun had given him onto the floor and went over to the TV to stop the movie.

Hyun made a soft sound in his throat when he was moved, and shifted slightly, a hand reaching out to feel around for the other boy. When he didn't feel him, his eyes opened slowly, and he looked around. "Nn...... Kyujong-ah......"

Kyujong turned and looked back at Hyun after he'd shut the TV off. "Huh?" He was surprised to see the other up. "Yeah? What is it?"

Hyun rubbed his eyes lightly. "What are you doing?" he asked sleepily

"Nothin', the movie ended, so I shut the TV off. Why? Do you want it on?"

Hyun shook his head. "No......... are you still spending the night here?" he asked, tilting his head.

Kyu thought about it for a minute. "Ah, yeah, I guess ..."

Hyun scooted to the edge of the bed and patted the bed beside him. "Neh....... don't sleep on the floor.........." He lifted up the blanket, yawning.

Kyu blinked. "Uh, are you sure you're okay with that? I don't mind sleeping on the floor....."

Hyun nodded. "I'd be offended if you didn't..... I'm supposed to take care of you. You're my dongsaeng...."

"... heh ... yeah..." Kyujong smiled slightly, though still a bit apprehensive, before he lied down on the bed carefully beside Hyunjoong.

Hyun draped the blanket over the other, before scooting back. He knew the other was uncomfortable, so he kept his distance respectfully. "Neh, sleep well, KyuJong-ah..."

"Mm... night, Hyun-ah, sleep well ..." He closed his eyes, though he wasn't particularly tired and waited, hoping sleep came to him quickly.
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