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New Guy [complete]

Title: Welcoming the Newcomer
Characters: Hankyung, Heechul, Chan, Hyukjae, Brian
Location: Meeting Room
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: ... light swearing
Summary: Another Corsairs meeting, as well as being kept up on current events.


Chan had read the sign this morning, and now he was waiting in the room, drawing doodles on the board.

Teleporting in, he grinned and snuck up behind his boyfriend. Too easy. Hyukjae poked the other's sides and laughed. "Guess who?"

Brian took his time until he was supposed to show up at that room, mostly because he could just portal his his way there. But after a while, he used his powers to appear in the room, seeing who else was in there.

Hankyung had seen the sign by pure luck, passing it on his way to his second day of classes. And of course he managed to get lost quite efficiently. Only another stroke of luck got him to the actual room for the meeting. He peered in the door, seeing the other's in the room. "Corsairs meeting here?"

Heechul was not too thrilled about another meeting. So, he purposely took his time walking to the meeting with his new hair color. Ugh.... this was stupid. Why did they have to have a dumb meeting. Not to mention he had a headache. So, he ended up standing behind Hankyung, arching a brow. "Come on, Chinaman, you're holding up the line."

Chan squealed loudly, not aware of Heechul's presence yet (or else he would have tried to be quiet...). he turned around and pushed Hyukjae away, running to...oh hey Brian! "BRIAN! HI!"

Falling back, he laughed and rubbed the back of his head. Adjusting his glasses, he looked over and smiled at the two that walked in the door. "Heechul hyung~ did you miss me? :3" Hyukjae grinned in his direction.

He still created his portal somewhere near the entrance, so when he heard the newcomer ask the question, he nodded to him. "Yes, this is. Welcome." But his attention was averted back to the person running to him, chuckling as he raised a hand to wave hello to him. "Hey, Chan."

Kyung blinked, taking a few steps into the room. "Ah, sorry..." He was surprised even more to see the familiar orange haired boy standing behind him. He looked around the room at all the new faces, these were his new squad members.

Heechul flicked his eyes to Hankyung quietly, a slight smirk quirking on his lips, before sliding around him and looking at Hyukjae. "Absolutely not. Why would I have missed you?" He scoffed slightly, flopping down onto the desk at the front of the room and leaning back on his hands, swinging his legs lightly. "Where's our fearless leader?"

Chan hugged Brian tightly. "HOW ARE YOU MAN?" but he quickly got too distracted to even hear the answer. He gasped. "OMO WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER?" He meant Hankyung. He hurred over (pushing Hyukjae) "Hello! :D I'm Taekwan -but everyone calls me Chan."

Teleporting over, he lightly pushed Heechul on the arm, he huffed. "I saw the text messages, of course you did~~" Hearing Chan screaming, he waved at Brian before finding the other pushing him again. "Ah we do have a new member. Hello there, I'm Hyukjae, it's nice to meet you." Hyukjae smiled brightly and gave another wave.

Brian hugged Chan back, but blinked in slight confusion since it felt like he was ignored for the moment. ...Not like that mattered to him that much, considering that there was a reason why he did. After greeting Hyukjae, his attention lied to where the others' were, introducing himself just the same. "And I am Brian," he said, bowing his head slightly.

Hankyung smiled at the first boy that approached him. "Hey..." He inclined his head to him. Kyung had been brushing up on his casual conversation talk, so this was relatively easy. The Chinaman's eyes fell on each of the other's as they introduced themselves. "I'm HanKyung. Thanks for the welcome."

"Oh for the love of God, Chan, be QUIET!" Heechul snapped, lifting a hand to rub his temples. He glanced at Hyukjae, and shook his head slightly. "And I only sent a few text messages. It's not like I texted you all the time." He flicked his eyes to Hankyung, and simply smirked.

.....Oh. Chan whimpered and took a few steps Hykjae's direction. He stayed close and whispered in his boyfriend's ear. "See? I told you..he hates me...."

Rolling his eyes, he stuck out his tongue at the elder. "You still missed me, it's hard not too, I know." Hyukjae grinned and looked over at Chan, wrapping his arm around him and hugging him before whispering back. "He doesn't, he just gets headaches sometimes~" He looked over at Brian and rubbed Chan's back softly. "Briannn, how was your break?"

Seeing the interactions between the others who seem to have hung out more since their last meeting, he just looked at those people as he slid his hands in his pockets. "Oh, mine?" he startled just a bit. "It was alright. But I wish I could have done other things than what I usually do." Of course his hobby was fun to do in the right environment... he kind of wished he was doing that now.

Kyung blinked when his orange haired tour guide had snapped at the younger looking boy, shaking his head a bit. He smiled a bit watching the interaction of them all. It seemed a rather close knit group, which was a good thing he supposed, despite feeling like a bit of an outsider. Though he supposed that would fade as he hung around with them more.

Heechul made a face. It wasn't that he hated Chan, that wasn't it at all. But the boy always seemed to be extremely loud whenever Heechul had a sensitive headache. The redhead pulled a small box out of his pocket and popped another few pills, swallowing them dry. This meeting was going to be long if it kept going like this. "Hankyung-sshi," he said in Korean, turning his attention to the Chinaman. "How were your first few days of class?" he asked, trying to distract himself from the throbbing pain in his head.

Chan stayed silent...since Heechul was right there, and he was quite scary. Very very scary. He wrapped his arms around Chan's waist and nuzzled the other boy's neck.

Sighinging softly, he just shook his head and continued to rubbed the other's back. "Aw, well we should go out soon. I mean we can do something fun for you Brian~" Hyukjae smiled and turned to look at the other two as he knew Korean as well. "Yes, it's nice having you here Hankyung-sshi. I assume you're my hyung as well?"

Heechul, that was his name right? Hankyung wasn't so good with names, but Heechul had left a rather strong impression. "It was fine. I missed that whole classroom setting thing." He admitted with a half smile, it had been a while for him. "Huh?" Kyung turned his attention to Hyukjae. "I'm not sure. I'm 19, you?"

Heechul glanced over at Chan slightly, and rolled his eyes, before looking to Hyukjae as he spoke in Korean. He looked up at Hankyung again as he spoke back to Hyukjae. He simply nodded, watching the other boy "When's your birthday?" he asked. Was Hankyung his hyung as well?

Chan was a little more interested now, so he turned back to the conversation. Hankung was his hyung too...actually he was pretty sure he was the youngest in the squad. And good thing he knew korean strange that all the students at this school were asian.

Tilting his head, he looked at Hankyung and smiled. "I'm 17 so yeah you're older than me." Laughing, softly he continued to caress Chan's back softly. The other man seemed really nice. "Where are you from?"

Brian crossed his arms in front of him, thinking to himself that he has stayed quiet for more than he wanted--he did want to meet new people, and staying quiet won't help with that. "Hm~, it seems like that's the case. I'm 17 as well," he replied back in Korean seeing as everyone else knew it and was speaking in that language.

"It's February 9th." Kyung said to Heechul, replying to each question as they came to him in turn. "And I just transferred from China, or more specifically Beijing." His smile didn't fade as he answered questions. It was surprising how comfortable this setting was. "Actually, it's a relief that everyone can speak Korean since my English is honestly not that great." He admitted.

A slow sneaky smile crossed over his face. "Mmm, then you're my hyung too," he practically purred, looking up at the other with a predatory look. He would have to pay his hyung a visit tonight. "There's an omni-linguist in this school.... we could probably hook you up with him to teach you better english."

"You're my hyung too..." Obviously. "I'm" He chuckled. But really he couldn't relax with Heechul there...Hyukjae could probably feel how tense he was.

Hyukjae could and he bit his lip, resting his hand on Chan's waist as he pulled him close. He listened to Hankyung and smiled while also watching Heechul curiously. He knew that smile and it almost made him laugh a bit, Hankyung would have to watch out. "Beijing really? I'd love to visit there one day, but I've just already completed my long trip for the year."

From hearing Hyukjae's comment, he just had a crazy idea, although he doesn't know if he would go with it entirely or not. "... If you want to go to China..." He lifted a hand to his chin more in thought. "... I can probably use my powers for us to get there? But I've never traveled that far with them."

"Ah, really?" Everyone here was younger than him? He smiled slightly again, rubbing the back of his neck. It was a bit awkward to be the oldest in a room. "Funny that I'm the hyung but you're all my sunbae on the squad." He said with a half chuckle. "An omni-linguist? Nah, I think I'll be alright once I'm around people speaking it for a while. I know enough words. It's just the putting them together that I have a problem with." His brown eyes glanced at Hyukjae. "Long trip? Mind me asking where?" He wondered simply for conversational purposes. "And I don't think you'd want to want to go to China right now. It is hotter than hell..."

Heechul leaned back on his hands, simply watching Hankyung with an amused look. He had a response to the China comment, but he didn't want to scare Chan more than necessary.

Chan grinned at that. "We walked all the way too Halifax!" He looked at Hyukjae with big puppy love filled eyes. "It was so much fun........." He leaned in and kissed his boyfriend's lips sweetly. And after snapping out of it, he smiled at Brian. "Lets go in winter or something."

"Yeah, he just dragged me out one day~" Laughing softly, he smiled back at Chan and kept his arm where it was. Kissing back softly, he pulled the other even closer and looked at Hankyung. "Is it? I still want to go visit around the world one day~ it'd be fun." Hyukjae looked over at Brian as well. "Did I mention how awesome your powers are Brian? :3"

Brian let out a nervous chuckle, scratching his cheek with a finger and leaned against the wall. "Yea, you have mentioned that once or twice already." Nodding once, he took a deep breath. "This sounds like a winter break vacation to me, then."

"Halifax, huh? Not a clue where that is." Kyung admitted, watching the interaction between Chan and Hyukjae, laughing softly in amusement. "I agree, traveling is lots of fun." He said with a slight nod. He settled back in his chair, just listening. A winter break vacation. Ah, he supposed they would have breaks. He'd forgotten about those. Being homeschool really sucked. He probably wouldn't go home even on breaks so he wondered what he would do during them.

Heechul rolled his eyes slightly at the display of affection between Chan and Hyukjae; was that really necessary? He looked up at Brian when he mentioned winter break. "Ah, I can't go over winter break..... I'm going to the Caribbean." He leaned back on one hand, inspecting the nails of the other. "But you all can go ahead...."

Hyukjae stuck his tongue out at Heechul, just because someone here hadn't gone and jumped another person. Which could very well be the confused boy here with them, wasn't his fault. "Wait the Caribbean trip is over the winter?" He remembered agreeing to that and bit his lip. "Ah well, not going to worry about where I'm going to end up right now. Aren't we supposed to be having a meeting...about stuff?"

"We can visit you then! I'm training my powers so that I can use them in longer distances, and more often," he joked, but rather it was like he wanted to talk about how he was improving. Looking over at Hyukjae, his lips became askew, thinking about that for a little bit. "But we are talking about... stuff... aren't we?"

A Caribbean trip? They all took vacations together? That sounded even better. A trip without family, when was the last time he'd had one of those? He really wished he'd discovered this school sooner.

Heechul gave Hyukjae a warning look. "Well, I quite honestly don't care where you all go for break, be it China or the Caribbean." He shrugged slightly. "And it might be helpful if we had a leader here, or if Summers decided to show up for once." Heechul ran his fingers through his hair a few time, sighing. "These meetings always end up getting nothing done."

Chan had completely forgotten about that trip..if he had been there when it had been decided...because he really couldn't remember. " about going to Korea too.. since most of us are from there....." He looked at Heechul shyly. "Well there is an enveloppe over there.....I don't know if it's for us...."

Tilting his head, he looked over at where Chan had mentioned. "We can go everywhree and anywhere with all of our powers you know~" Laughing, he decided to switch to the envelope, running his fingers along Chan's side softly. "Mm, yes an envelope. I vote Heechul hyung does it for right now~"

"We'll add Korea to the list too, then," he nodded, thinking how he would probably need to work on his powers before that time comes to make traveling for them easier... and cheaper. Talking about the envelope now, he just crossed one leg over the other, looking at the others.

"Well, what exactly is supposed to get done in these meetings?" Kyung asked, looking at Heechul since he obviously had some idea of what they were supposed to be doing.

Heechul rolled his eyes slightly, picking up the envelope, flipping it over in his fingers. "'Mm....... I think that hyung should open it." He leaned forward, holding the letter out to Hankyung. "After all, he is the most responsible." He offered Hankyung a slight smile. "And our meetings..... are usually supposed to involve talking about training and school work, and what we can and cannot do. But that never happens. It never does."

Chan chuckled softly. "Yeah..never...." He leaned in, curious as to what was in the enveloppe. He wondered if it was wise to give it to the guy who could barely speak english.

Laughing to himself from Heechul's antics, he smiled and shook his head. "Someone open it then~" Watching it go to Hankyung, he nodded since it was given to the oldest here. God knows where Eeteuk is, Hyukjae had never met him. "Anything important?"

He was curious too about what the envelope contained. Some ideas came into his head: a start of a scavenger hunt? A mission for them? A pass to the danger room? A blank letter just so that we were able to get hyped up for nothing? Either way, he shifted in his seat in anticipation.

"Okay, I guess..." He turned the letter over, lifting the back since it wasn't sealed. He didn't really have much of a choice, everyone was looking at him now. Luckily, his reading skills were marginally better than his speaking ones in terms of English. "It's from Professor Summers. It says that there are training sessions scheduled for everyone and to check your day on the Danger Room's calender?" He looked up at them to see if that made any sense to them. "It also mentions my arrival and it says here someone named Kangin has recently transferred and will no longer be in the group? The only other thing it says is the date for the next meeting which is three weeks from today and to contact him or Eeteuk if we have any questions." Kyung glanced up at the group again.

Heechul froze when Hankyung mentioned Kangin. Kangin was gone? Just like that, without a word? A sharp throb shot through his head, and he hissed softly, scowling. "Shit," he muttered, clutching his head between his hands. Ah, why now?! Why a flare up like this?! His fingers fisted into his hair, and he pulled carefully at the strands; not hard enough to pull any out, but enough to simply make the pain in his head worse. Kangin was gone. Just when he had started to patch things up with his ex. Vanished. And he didn't say a word to anyone. Heechul's eyes snapped over to Hyukjae. "Did he say anything to you?" he snapped, sounding angrier than he had meant it, but he couldn't help it. His head fucking hurt.

Chan was excited for the training sections, but definitely disappointed by Kangin's departure..."Transf-" He shut up when he heard Heechul's tone. But glared. He had no right to talk to Hyukjae like that.

Looking up, he heard the other's words and stoped. Kangin was...was gone? One of his best friends? Biting his lip, he looked away and knew the other must be angry. He himself was, but he wasn't going to show it. "Heechul, calm down." Hyukjae let go of Chan. "You're going to worsen your headache and that won't help anything. He didn't tell me....I thought....he said I'd see him when I got back." Hyukjae sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "Let's not...think about it now. Hankyung hyung, it said something about training?" Hopefully this would lessen the drama, he truly did worry about Heechul sometimes.

Kangin... He hadn't talked to Kangin that much, but he did think of him to be a nice guy. But toward seeing the reaction that Heechul had, he decided to stay quiet about that. Making something worse wouldn't be one of the best routes to go with this meeting. But now his attention was back at Hyukjae, nodding when he heard his question.

Hankyung could feel the atmosphere of the room change in a moment. He had no idea what the reason was, but it obviously had something to do with this Kangin person leaving. He watched Heechul curiously before looking at Hyukjae. "Yeah, it just says that he's assigned us all day to be evaluated in a training session with one of the staff?" He assumed it had something to do with measuring the power levels through the school year?

Heechul scowled as Hyukjae told him to calm down. He ignored Chan, and pushed off of the desk moving away from the others to go stand by the windows. How could he..... how could Kangin just up and leave like that?! His eyes were hot, and he was sure his lips were pressed into a thin line. But he wouldn't dare cry here, even if they were tears of anger. Not in a million years. That bastard didn't deserve any more of his tears. So he simply stood there, staring out the window and wishing a very violent death upon the man called Kangin.

Chan watched Heechul walk across the room, and wrapped his arms protectively around his boyfriend. When he decided the other wouldn't be trouble, he went back to the current issue. "Evaluations.....I hate those....they make you train until you drop from exhaustion."

Hyukjae didn't say anything, he didn't need too. He was worried of course, but it was Heechul's own problem if he didn't want to talk. Watching the other walk across the room, he sighed and bit his lip, looking at Chan when he felt the other's arms around him. "Ah good old evaluations. Or the one time of the year I get to pass out x.x" He wasn't looking forward to that.

Brian just sighed softly when he felt the aura of the room change just from a simple letter. But to some people, calling it 'simple' might be offending. Sitting up more on his seat, he leaned forward and rested his arms on his legs. "At least it's only once in a while. Who knows? Someone could try and make it fun?"

Hankyung's eyes followed Heechul's form to the window. He wondered what the whole story behind this was, not that he was going to ask at this particular moment. "What exactly do they make you do in these evaluations?" Kyung wondered, turning his attention back on the rest of the group.

His headache was getting worse. Heechul scowled slightly, and lifted a hand to his nose when he felt warmth. Blood. He sighed, pulling a packet of tissues from his pocket; nosebleeds had become more and more frequent for him, so it didn't bother him. He tipped his head back, pinching his nose between his fingers and sighing softly. He ignored the conversation going on between the other members of the squad.

"Well it's different for all of us I suppose....I need to throw a lot of stuff." he chuckled. "I think that's basically all I do...lift, charge, throw, dodge, run... Oh and they might make you do challenged too, but, like, stuff that uses your brain...." he shrugged.

Nodding, he looked over at Heechul for a moment and bit his lip. Hyukjae hated seeing his friend like this, any of them. Sighing, he turned and looked back at Hankyung, listening to his boyfriend."Yeah, I usually have to teleport long distances and bend through odd things."

Hankyung laughed. "Use my brain, huh? Damn, I'm going to have to really work at this then." He remarked playfully. "Oh, you teleport? Doesn't Brian do that as well?" He thought he had heard the other mention it. Though he could've been wrong.

He chuckled softly, and nuzzled the back of Hyukjae's neck. "Noo...Brian does portal. Hyukjae-yah teleports. Show him, love."

Laughing, he listened the others and smiled. It was nice being back in school like this. "Yeah, I kind of go from one place to another in seconds." Seeing as Chan was nuzzling him and holding on, he closed his eyes and within seconds teleported both of them to the other side of Hankyung. "Usually it's just me though. I scare Heechul hyung for fun~ It's going to get me killed."

He nodded when his powers were mentioned, thinking back to the times where it became convenient for the few people he has hung out with already. "Yes, I have the power to project portals. It's like Hyukjae's power, but then other people and things can walk through it too. There's that... and I can only create portals on flat surfaces." To give his senior an example of his power, he stood up from his chair, walked to the nearest wall and a portal appeared in front of him, as well as a portal appearing on the board that was in the room, and he stuck his hand through just for fun.

Hankyung watched Hyukjae and Brian demonstrate their abilities quite intently. Both were awesome in their own right. He grinned. "I see what you mean about being able to accomplish almost anything in this group." Kyung's eyes flickered to Heechul by the window again. "Heechul-sshi? What's your ability."

Heechul glanced over at Hankyung, wiping the last bit of blood from his nose. "....... I can make you do anything I want you to do," he said simply, throwing the tissues into a trashcan. "Recoil's a bitch, though." He pushed open a window, and hopped up to sit on the ledge. Fresh air would do him some good.

Chan watched Heechul carefully...He didn't look well. He hoped the other was alright...but he wan't going to ask. He liked living, thank you very much. "And you...Hankyung? What do you do?" he smiled.

Closing his eyes for a moment, he just listened to the other's and used Chan as a supported. After hearing the other's question, he opened his eyes curiously as well. "Yeah, what is yours?"

Seeing how there wasn't any more use for the portals, Brian closed it and wiped his hands, taking his seat again, and listening with curious ears.

Hankyung frowned a bit when the other opened the window and scooted onto the ledge. He felt a little guilty for being the bearer of obviously bad news to the other boy. "Me?" His attention went back to the other members. That's right, they had shown him their abilities it was only right that he demonstrate too. "I manipulate time." He reached over on the table and pulled up a few more tissue from the box and stood up. As he did he froze time in the room and moved over to the window where Heechul was sitting. Kyung unfroze time again, standing in front of Heechul now. He supposed it would've looked like teleporting as well to anyone else. The Chinaman extended his hand with the tissues to Heechul. "Sorry, I didn't mean to spring the bad news on you like that. If I'd known I wouldn't have said anything.

Heechul had been ignoring the conversation, that is until tissues were shoved under his nose. He blinked at them, then looked up when Hankyung spoke. He blinked a few times, before slowly taking the tissues.

Hwichan looked at his watch, and yanked Hyukjae by the collar. "OK GUYS GOTTA GO!" He giggled and pulled the other out of the room with him.

Heechul shook his head slightly as the two younger boys left, before glancing at Hankyung again. "Don't suppose you'd be interested in going to get a drink with me, would you?" he asked, lips twisting into a wry smile.

Kyung blinked for a moment. "A drink?" He shrugged slightly. "Sure." Heechul looked like he could use a little pick me up anyway.

Heechul nodded and slid off of the window sill lightly. "Alright, let's go." He waved to Brian. "Have a good night. Don't stay up too late, and do your homework, you hear?" He headed for the door.

Kyung nodded as well and he looked at Brian as they left. "Again, it was nice meeting you." The chinaman said with a smile as he followed just behind Heechul out the door.

Seeing how Chan left while he was dragging Hyukjae with him, he looked at the other two in the room, assuming that they too were making plans. Since they were leaving now, he smiled and waved good bye to them. "Will do. See you guys later." ... Oh how he didn't want to feel slightly... lonely.
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