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[Log] A Day Out

Title: A Day Out
Characters: Yunho and Changmin
Location: Changmin's dorm, to outside.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None 
Notes: This was supposed to be posted yesterday! But I kinda forgot. Sorry, Yunho-mun.
Summary: [Closed, incomplete] Yunho tries to get Changmin to stop studying for once.

Changmin frowned and shut the book he was reading, a large one filled with minuscule print that was sure to give a headache. "I need to what...?" he asked blankly, not sure if he had heard the older man correctly.

"You need to get out." Yunho repeated himself, though he was sure he spoke clearly. Just to emphasize on his statement, he took Changmin's book and put it away in his bookshelf where he saw an open hole in the rows of books. "Come on, it's a nice day." Indeed it was a nice day, a rare day they haven't seen for maybe a week now. Yunho planned on using it to the fullest, and when he passed by Changmin's place to see the studious student...being studious, he knew he had to take him out and save him from turning blind or develop a hunch back. Something heroic.

Changmin had to admit the weather was nice, and everything seemed perfect for even a slow, leisurely jog... But he was Shim Changmin. Shim Changmin was someone who did not like to go outdoors, whether the sky outside was bright and sunny, or cold and rainy. "Hyung..." he said slowly, looking baffled for a moment and a tad irritated at his psychology book being returned to the shelf, "why? Can't I just stay inside? I need to catch up with my work."

"Changmin... how about we go out to eat then?" Yunho knew Changmin liked to eat almost as much as he liked to study, so he brought out the trump card to persuade the younger student to leave his room.

Okay, Yunho had him backed into a corner now. Now that he thought about it, he was hungry, and surely it wouldn't hurt to take a quick snack in the cafeteria before coming back right...? Changmin sighed and stood up, setting a pen he had been holding in his hand all this while back on his desk, predictably piled high with books. "Alright," he said, smiling sheepishly. "I am kinda hungry."

"Great. What are you in for?" Yunho laughed, smiling at Changmin with the look saying 'success'.

Changmin smiled back, caught by Yunho's infectious laughter. "Nothing, I think?" He adds, almost as an afterthought, "Nothing life-threatening, at the very least - unless someone decided to poison the cafeteria food."

"Actually... cafeteria food is always a life-threatening adventure. Let's go out to eat." He sounded rather serious when mentioning the cafeteria, having been the victim of the mystery meat from the special of the day menu.

Changmin made a face. "I don't know, the sandwiches taste edible enough, and so does the coffee. So, where are we going?"

"Wherever our feet take us... how's that?" Yunho didn't know really, and it was another one of his plans to just walk around since he liked walking around on sunny days.

"I know a pretty decent place, it's not that far, I used to hang around there when I was at my old school," Changmin replied, eyes crinkling in mirth at Yunho's answer. "How about it?"

"Sure... what do they have there?"

"Japanese fast food. It's not as unrealistic as it sounds."

He laughed, started walking out of Changmin's place, opening the door. "Japanese fast food then... I kind of want teriyaki."

Changmin grinned, stepping out into the corridor. "They have it. C'mon, I'll show you. It's a bit tricky to get there, since it's in a far corner of the mall and it's really small."

Closing the door behind him with a click, he pulled a face. While he did like walking, he didn't want to take forever to get somewhere. "Why don't we just fly there."

"I wasn't aware you could fly," Changmin remarked dryly. "Though I'd love to see how you could without wings."

"I actually never tried to take anyone else with me. ... This might not work. But it couldn't hurt to try." Then he grinned back at Changmin, his eyes glinting in the sunlight when they walked out of the building.

"So I'm a guinea pig?" Changmin asked innocently, looking at Yunho through his oversized glasses.

"It's sink or swim. Don't trust your leader?" He brought his hand up to rustle Changmin's already rather messy head of hair.

"Is there an option of going by land?" He scowled, shaking his head to return the messed-up hair to its original state. "And I trust you - except..." he frowned, "I've never flown before."

"Hmm... are you afraid of heights?" He mused over that, having no problems with height himself, he sometimes failed to think other people might be worried about it. "We can take the bus if you want. Pretending to be normal is always fun."

"Kind of..." he admitted, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm trying to get over it though. I'm fine with taking the bus, it's only to the mall anyway." He pushed open the double doors that led to the main courtyard.

Walking out into the courtyard, he saw several mutants outside, practicing and freely using their abilities, some were floating, and others were zapping each other. "Which bus takes us there?"

He ducked a flying projectile that veered too much off-course and acknowledged the "Sorry!" that came with it, locating the bus directory. "This one. It's about four to five stops away," he said, pointing to a bus route outlined in green.

Yunho on the other hand, shouted at the kid. "Hey! Be more careful there!" He couldn't help it. Looking at what Changmin pointed to, he flexed his gloved fingers a bit and nodded. "It's coming in two minutes."

Changmin nodded, "We're lucky we didn't miss it, it comes pretty much once every ten minutes or so."

"You know your bus routes..." He grinned, glad at least Changmin wasn't as shy as he first was when they met. When the bus came, he hopped into it, and put in his fare, then looked around the long compartment, checking to see if there were any seats available. Turned out they would have to stand. So he reached a gloved hand up to hold onto the pole and waited for Changmin.

"It's a way of life, really," Changmin stated in his matter-of-fact tone, dropping his fare before joining Yunho, grabbing onto the pole and keeping his balance just as the bus moved.

The bus rocked every so often, when it stopped to take in more passengers, but he was stable enough to rock with it. "What else did you do today? Don't tell me all you did was read and study."

"Pretty much read and study, I'm afraid, though I did visit the cafeteria a few times to refill my coffee." He looked a little embarrassed to admit it.
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