The Student Council and Leaders meeting

Title: The Student Council and Leaders meeting (lacking creativity)
Characters: Aragaki Yui, Jung Yunho, Kim HyunJoong, Kim KyuJong, Lee Eeteuk, Ueto Aya
Location: The... meeting room
Rating: PG maybe
Warnings: N/A
Summary: The student government meeting... which Yunho hope will be short, and productive.

Yunho sat in the seat at the end of the long table. He wore his glasses, a polo and vest with dress pants. With a folder of papers at one side of the table, he held a list of what they were supposed to discuss, as recommended by the teachers. A sigh emitted from him. He wanted to do this earlier, but a few of the members were MIA and he didn't want to start it without them all accounted for. The new school year was approaching rapidly, and they barely got anything done. Yunho's hand found its way to his nose, and he massaged the stem of it with two fingers while he waited for the others to show up.

Drunken fun for Kangin [COMPLETE]

Title: Drunken fun for Kangin
Characters: Kangin, Donghae, Brian
Location: City streets and some random for sale house.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Drunken debauchery XD
Summary: [Complete] After breaking up with Heechul, Kangin goes on a drinking spree from bar to bar before being tossed out of one. Donghae and Brian happen to find him on the sidewalk and end up taking care of him.

Collapse )

Student Government Officers

As you all know, the Institute's student body has been numerous in size over the years, and not long ago, the professors have made a unanimous decision to create a student government, one which will enhance the skills of future leaders, and to speak and voice out opinions for the student body. The Headmaster and the professors themselves have handpicked the students and team leaders in whom they think are highly capable of leading the rest of the students and their respective teams. The students who are picked are yet given time to show and bring out the leader in them and are still under observation.

The following are the members of the student government and the representatives, or leaders of the different teams:

President: Jung Yunho
Vice President: Aragaki Yui
Secretary: Ueto Aya

Team Leaders:
Alpha Squadron Section: Jung Yunho (President)
Hellions: Choi Siwon
Corsairs: Park Jung Su (Eeteuk)
The New Mutants: Aragaki Yui (VP)
Gambit's Squad: Kim Kyu Jong
Paragons: Kim Hyun Joong

(More team leaders will be added, too, for the different squads.)

These officers will have their own office accorded in another building in the Institute, dedicated to social and organizational activities of the student body, where meetings and discussions will be held. The students mentioned above are given authority over the rest of the students and only if they're doing something wrong and cause  harm to other students will they be reprimanded and removed of their position. Being government officers are difficult tasks and they carry large responsibilities, but we believe in the abilities of this people.

Also, the Institute is now accepting different clubs. So petition for one, with a president, and at least five members, the name and the description of your club, and it will be checked and added to the list.