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[Log] Fire and Ice clashes

Title: Fire and Ice clashes
Characters: Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong
Location: Danger room
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence
Summary: [Complete] Jaejoong and Yunho start their conversation with a challenge.

Yunho: Rain, the kind of weather he didn't mind on all normal accounts, he might even appreciate it from time to time, but Yunho wasn't normal, and haven't been normal from the day he was born. He didn't like being cold, or grounded, since it meant he couldn't fly. So rain, for him, was a problem and especially when it rained since yesterday and into the day. He couldn't do much in the humid weather, but stay indoors, which was where he happened to be. Frequenting the training room on rainy days wasn't exactly a great way to spend his free time during the summer holidays. Why did it rain so much?

Jaejoong: On the contrary, Jaejoong loved the rain. The chill brought him his much needed comfort, seeking shelter in the cold that contemplated what lay beneath his emotions. Eyes hooded beneath golden-brown bangs, he stood from his perch by the main room's window, directing himself to the danger room in the hopes of finding no one to cause him trouble on his way. He preferred his time alone, and he wished that this day was one of the ones that chose to stay on his side.

Yunho: Unfortunately for Jaejoong, Yunho was already in the danger room, feeling rather frustrated he was cooped up inside again. And he showed his aggressions against the projections flying at him with scorching flames, and heating up the whole room with his powers. He growled when a particular stray projectile managed to hit him, and placed a hand onto it, sending the rock into millions of shattered pieces. Along his brows were sheens and trickles of sweat for having been in the room and training for quite a while. He dodged another rock, and flew up to avoid it, not noticing someone entered the room.

Jaejoong: Ignorant of the noise, he walked in, disrupting all that the simulation could conjure up. From the long lines of battle came a large white room, the same one that Jaejoong thought to walk into, only empty. He scowled inwardly at the sight of another person. "Sorry," he muttered quietly and moved back to leave, half to allow Yunho to go on with his training, and half to avoid any form of communication from both sides.

Yunho: Being completely absorbed in his training, he didn't notice the quiet mumble, nor the figure by the door. His mind was blank, possessing the highest clarity in that instance, like it usually was before he used his powers and until the rush of comforting heat surged inside him, coursing through his body. It started at the centre of his core, then slowly built up as he took a deep breath, letting it accumulate to blaze across his chest, and separate past this shoulders and down his arms, finally fusing out of his hands. The fires danced along his forearms and hands, and like a torch, he incinerated the surrounding rocks to hot, tiny pieces, sending them in radical directions of the room. Consequently, several went in Jaejoong's direction.

Jaejoong: He backed away, looking back at the activity that went on before him. With a smirk, he nodded his head in amusement and approval. He was too preoccupied with Yunho to notice that the debris had gene in his direction, and when he finally did, only reflex could save his perfect image. Only reflex on his part of the bargain involved so much more. Lifting a hand, he allowed a cloud of ice out, an amount small enough to save himself from the small rocks. But the sudden use of his powers drew attention to himself, from the simulation and very soon, the door shut behind him. There was no backing out, and he cursed himself inwardly for it. HIs first move, however, was to dodge, throwing himself silently behind a boulder as he prepared himself.

Yunho: His peripheral vision didn't include Jaejoong, but he heard enough noise that he himself didn't make to know someone else was in the room with him. And the sound of the door closing wasn't very subtle. This caused his body to twist around and he caught sight of a familiar face. Before he could really say anything to the ice possessed mutant, he sent another stream of fire above Jaejoong, hitting the rock above him.

Jaejoong: "Thanks." His one was none but blank, nothing new. But with a huff of a breath he rolled to his side and into a crouching position before he quickly dashed into the distance. Jaejoong was blessed with speed, faster than most norms, but it was none out of the ordinary. There was no use having two people in one place, he thought back on their combat lessons, it was better to cover more ground given the situation where both comrades were trustable in skill level. He knew that Yunho was well off on his own, then he would manage without him, like he thought many people did. And so he hid himself in combat, a sheen of ice forming around his fists as he ran, building until he knew he had done enough. But he dod nothing at the offensive... nothing yet.

Yunho: While he dodged and blasted rocks, his mind quickly brought up the information he was given of the silent member, when he took on the position as leader of the Alpha Squadron. Based on his records, Jaejoong wasn't a troublemaker, but he also didn't completely mesh with the rest of the team, having been more of a loner streak. Which was why he was given smaller missions that only required him to double team, or go solo. Yunho frowned, and with a hasty wipe to his forehead, he started attacking Jaejoong instead, challenging the other mutant to fight back.

Jaejoong: An attack shattered the rocks closest to him and he jumped away, dodging in a graceful roll as he looked back to Yunho with a glare. What the hell? But a few moments of contemplation and he recognized the challenge, taking it upon himself with a sinister smirk. Fire and ice: opposites in all respects, one against the other in a battle of pride. He still said nothing as he flung his arm up, a ball of what looked like innocent snow shot in the direction of a boulder headed directly above Yunho's head. The ball of ice shattered the stone, lining it with sharp icicles and a layer of thawing cold, only to fall over his leader's body. It was a safe move, an assessment of the challenge that confronted him.

Yunho: Yunho twisted his body as half his arms and his hands lit up with fierce flames, and he lifted his arms straight up to spread it above him and form a shield of fire. The falling icicles melted and burned upon contact with the shield, and he sustained it long enough for him to fly away. But he at least was satisfied with Jaejoong's performance, though there was no doubt Hero's powers had valuable destructive ability. He flew down when the projectiles disappeared and they were left with a very empty room. Walking over to Jaejoong, he took off the sunglasses he had on (a part of the professor's experiment to enhance the danger room's experience), and wiped his forehead with the back of his bare forearm. "Kim Jaejoong. Speciality with ice. Not bad."

Jaejoong: It could have been said that Jaejoong mirrored Yunho's shield, though not one with his powers, but one with his emotions, one that protected him from the hurt that he feared so often. He tore his eyes away from his leader, shy in all respects as he too wiped away the sweat that glazed his delicate skin. "Thank you," was all he could say. It was none but a whisper, hoping that the other boy would let him leave. He shielded his eyes with his hair, wishing that the other boy would look away from the hurt in his eyes, the same expressions that he held for two years since he'd entered the school.

Yunho: "Sorry about attacking you out of the blue there. But I'm glad you responded better than I expected." He took off his black gloves which acted as stabilizers to better control his powers, and looked at Jaejoong with a curious expression, not missing the guarded demeanour he displayed. This constituted another frown from Yunho. "Were you in here earlier?" Seeing as they didn't need to be in the room any longer, he moved to the door, and it slid open for them to leave.

Jaejoong: "No." He was never one of many words, not since he left home. He knew that he'd changed over the years. With his head low, he walked after Yunho, trailing behind to avoid any more conversation. He didn't find reason for him to explain why he was inside either, and so he remained silent, walking out of the door, his hands shivering inside his pockets; an after effect of having used his powers.

Yunho: For the time they were in the Alpha Squad together, Yunho never managed to speak to Jaejoong, mostly because of his unapproachable attitude, and unwillingness to talk for more than what was necessary. Outside of being the leader to their squad, he was just as quiet with Jaejoong, though he tried to be friendly from time to time, but only met with the same uninterested results. He wasn't in the mood to deal with the icy mutant today this day, the weather effectively dampening any sort of patience he might have possessed. He simply shrugged and moved to his locker and produced a water bottle. Ironic how he could drink water, but couldn't stand being wet, but it somehow made sense. It also made sense despite his attempts at being friendly, he didn't like the icy aura he felt when he was within Jaejoong's vicinity, since it greatly clashed with his own need to be warm. Jaejoong brought with him a chill he wasn't used to feeling.

Jaejoong: Strangely enough, their lockers were close by. They weren't exactly next to each other, but close enough for Jaejoong to register the warmth that emanated from his leader's body. Even stranger, though, was that he liked it. He liked the warmth that seemed to calm his mind and his body, melting the solid walls he'd built within himself. But upon realizing so, he clenched his jaw, hard, remembering the times when he was vulnerable, the times he was used and forgotten. HIs grip grew tighter around the steel door of his compartment, closing it with a tad bit more force than necessary as it shut with a rather loud bang.

Yunho: Yunho's head turned to the sudden sound of a locker door closing almost before it shut, and he frowned again, his hand reached out to Jaejoong's arm to stop him from using too much force, but the bang already resounded in the locker room. He was only left with clutching the other's arm, which was cooler to the touch than he anticipated, and he let go. His bare hands, he forgot might have been too warm.

Jaejoong: The touch extracted a loud gasp from Jaejoong, both in surprise and in feeling. The swift contact was enough to spread a warmth in Jaejoong that he could not describe. He quickly pulled his arm back to himself, his hand over the area of which Yunho's had formerly been. It scared him, how a single touch could do so much. And he took a tentative step back. He kept his head low, his gaze set to the floor. Why he was scared as often as he was, he had no idea. But this instance was different. Amidst the fear he held for everyone around him, the momentary heat that filled his body eased away his pain and for the briefest of moments, he felt free, like he had nothing to worry about.

Yunho: It annoyed Yunho more than anything to watch Jaejoong move back, and he drew his lips to a thin line, trying to keep his annoyance in check just because he had a bad day. The little things that couldn't possibly bother him seemed to be the biggest problems he had, starting off with the weather. He threaded a hand through his dark hair and let out a calming sigh. "Sorry, I didn't mean to touch you. I didn't hurt you did I?" He knew people often didn't like him to touch them since he generally radiated more heat than he should, but Jaejoong's reaction was much more pronounced.

Jaejoong: "Hot and cold never really did go together..." Perhaps it was the longest sentence Jaejoong had uttered in a very long time. "I'm fine," he continued to speak. His voice was still soft, and his gaze remained set on the floor. "And please, d-don't be sorry." He stammered, maybe because he hadn't spoken so much in so long, "I should be sorry..." His shoulders slumped with a sigh as he gave in to himself this one moment. There was no benefit in keeping to himself, and so he mumbled under his breath, "...for a lot more than I am sorry for..."

Yunho: "...Sorry?" He wasn't sure if he caught onto what Jaejoong was talking about, or if he even heard right. There was something rather odd about how he worded it. Yunho couldn't fathom the meaning behind his words, and his brows furrowed in confusion before one raised, and he smiled something non-committal.

Jaejoong: He nodded slowly, and looked up. Funny how a single touch of warmth could have brought out so much. "I'm sorry I haven't exactly been the most..." he paused and looked away again in thought of the right way to word it, "...cooperative of people on the squad..." he mumbled a quick 'or in general' under his breath, and he looked back up.

Yunho: He immediately felt bad for thinking Jaejoong didn't care for the squad, when it seemed like he might in his apology. "It's fine. You do your job well enough... just, don't close yourself off so much." While Yunho knew he was the leader, he didn't want to be preachy, especially since they barely knew each other. Despite that, he still felt he needed to say something about it. Maybe Jaejoong already knew he shouldn't be so distant, but it was a friendly piece of advice, so he didn't think it would be anything harmful.

Jaejoong: "I can't help it," he admitted silently, "it's a part of who I am to want to be alone..." But at that moment, he couldn't help but feel that he was contradicting himself. As he spoke, though in small turns, he thought of what was going on, why he was speaking all of a sudden, why he felt so open all of a sudden. And it dawned to him that maybe his powers were playing with him. Maybe they were given to him for a reason, and the reason being his bottled up anger... and this was just one game of his hunt to find what it was he was missing.

Yunho: "If you wanted to be alone... then why did you join a squad?" Of course he didn't think Jaejoong joined for the sake of joining since no one really had to join a squad, so there had to be a reason why the self-proclaimed loner joined one. It was Yunho's duty to take care of his team, and he placed emphasis on teamwork specifically. If he could get Jaejoong to be more of a team player, the team would benefit, and Yunho had a feeling Jaejoong would benefit as well.

Jaejoong: "I..." He hesitated speaking the truth. He was looking for something, looking to be needed, to be welcomed into something that he'd never experienced before. He'd hoped that his team would be the family that he never had, the source of warmth that would melt away his cold reprise and burn away the anger he held so deep for his family. "I was... looking for something."

Yunho: The answer was vague, but at the same time he understood what Jaejoong meant, because Yunho searched for the same things. For a while that was what he wanted more than anything, and he more or less found it at the institute. "Then I hope you found what you're looking for."

Jaejoong: He thought deep back on Yunho's words. It was a year since he'd joined the squad, and never did it dawn upon him that maybe, just maybe it was he who was keeping himself from truly finding what he needed. "I think it's right in front of me," he spoke humbly, his head lowered to the wooden flooring, staring down at his reflection in the well-polished panels, "but I haven't gotten around to grasping it yet... might need a little push... shove."

Yunho: "Things you want most usually turn out to be right in front of you." He reworded Jaejoong's words in an expression he heard often in television and teachers. He didn't know if this was true, since he never experienced it himself, but it made enough sense. What Jaejoong spoke about though, it gave him inspiration to suggest it. "Then be more of a team player next time we're all together as a squad. You might not find what you need if you don't take the first step."

Jaejoong: "I'll try," he said with a slow nod. He couldn't promise anything, and he knew that. It was never in him to change for anyone, but this seemed a challenge good enough for his liking. Perhaps for once in a very long time, his lips curled up into a small smile, one that he instinctively hid from Yunho's eyes.

Yunho: He nodded in response, not expecting to be given a promise so soon. It didn't bother him as much any more--at least Jaejoong was trying. There were plenty of people who weren't willing to try and were always stuck in a vicious cycle of self-loathing. Yunho took out his regular clothes to change into, and a towel, with every intention of hitting the showers. "Jaejoong, I'll see you at field practice later."

Jaejoong: He planned on skipping that. And he blinked at the memory of his intentions. The previous conversation had dealt him realization and a change of heart. It might have been a small change, but it was a start. A very significant start to something new. "I'll be there" he nodded, his smile still shy and small, but his words were true.

Yunho: "Great!" Yunho grinned and in his enthusiasm, he patted Jaejoong on the back, which sent chills through his hands again, and he immediately withdrew it. Apologetic, he grimaced and placed his hand around his bundle of clothes. "Sorry... I'll see you later then."

Jaejoong: "You aren't that hot," he chuckled now and nodded, preparing to turn on his heels to leave. But the touch indeed sent another one of those feelings into him, that warmth that he subconsciously longed for. "I'll catch you at training."

Yunho: Yunho nodded with a smile, feeling like he accomplished something and managed to make the day more productive than he thought. "Looking forward to see you in action agani." And he closed the locker door before he went off to the locker room.

Jaejoong: He chuckled softly and turned away, nodding to himself at the difference such a dragging day made to him. "Yeah," he mumbled, "better action, I hope."
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