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Xavier Institute's Staff, Subjects, Training Squads, Student Body and Government

This is the list of the Xavier Institute's staff and the subjects being taught.

Professor XCharles XavierHeadmaster  
CyclopsScott SummersFounding student body member; Mentor of the Corsairs; Teacher
Geometry/Leadership and Tactics 
White QueenEmma FrostMentor of the Hellions; TeacherEthics 
WolverineJames "Logan" HowlettCombat Instructor Elective
ColossusPiotr RasputinTeacherArtElective
ShadowcatKatherine "Kitty" PrydeTeacherComputer Science 
KarmaXi'an "Shan" Coy ManhLibrarian, Teacher of the lower classes  
MagmaAmara AquillaTeacherGeology 
BeastHenry "Hank" McCoyTeacherScience 
IcemanRobert "Bobby" DrakeTeacherMath/Accounting 
 Tom CorsiTeacherPhysical Education 
NightcrawlerKurt WagnerTeacherDramaElective
GambitRemy LeBeauTeacherProjectileElective
Storm Ororo MunroeFormer mentor  
 PsycheDanielle MoonstarAmerican History Teacher; Mentor of The New Mutants
WolfsbaneRahne SinclairMentor of the Paragons; Teaching Assistant  
 Annie GhazikhanianSchool Nurse  
NorthstarJean-Paul BeaubierMentor of Alpha-Squadron; TeacherBusinessElective
 Miss DowningGuidance Counselor  
 Stevie HunterDance Instructor Elective
ArchangelWarren Worthington IIITeacherFlightElective
 Hannah LennonKitchen Staff  
 Sanji GulatiKitchen Staff  
 Kuan Yin-XornAdviser to Special Class  

Training Squads
Only students over the age of fifteen are inducted as part of a training squad. Also, leaders will be chosen for each squad soon.

Special Class
When Xorn joined the Xavier Institute faculty, he was assigned a “special class” of students. These students included those with special educational needs that required some remedial study. These kids were also among the more socially awkward students at the Institute.


Alpha Squadron Section
History: Alpha Squadron is advised by former Alpha Flight member, Jean-Paul Beaubier, thus the name Alpha Squadron. The squad's colors are white and charcoal gray with red accents.

Leader: Jung Yunho

History: The Hellions are one of the more prominent squads at the Xavier Institute. They are advised by Emma Frost and named after her group of students. Several members of this squad had other faculty advisors before requesting to be transferred to Emma's group. The squad's colors are red and white with black accents.

Leader: --

History: The Corsairs are advised by Scott Summers and were named after his father, Christopher Summers who goes by the name Corsair as a member of the intergalactic adventurers known as the Starjammers. The squad's colors are blue and white.

Leader: Park Jung Su (Eeteuk)

The Paragons are one of the many squads formed to facilitate the training and development of the older students at the Xavier Institute. The Paragons is advised by Rahne Sinclair, aka Wolfsbane. The squad's colors are green and black with red accents.

Members: Kim Hyun Joong

The New Mutants
History: The New Mutants are, like the Hellions, one of the more prominent squads in the institute. The squad is taught by Danielle Moonstar, who is the guardian New Mutant member Elixir. The squad's colors are yellow and sliver with blue accents.

Leader: Aragaki Yui

Gambit's Squad
History: Little is known about Gambit's squad. Members wear modified versions of the standard X-Men training uniform while Foxx was given a more individual costume. The name of Gambit's squad was not established.

Leader: Kim Kyu Jong

Lower School
History: Only students over the age of fifteen are inducted as part of a training squad. Those students who are too young to participate in this level of training are taught in the Institute's "Lower School". These students are all currently advised by Xi'an Coy Manh, aka Karma.

Leader: --

Student Body
The Xavier Institute student body has been numerous in size over the years, this does not include the students at the Massachusetts Academy or the wards of X-Factor.

Student Government
Students who are capable of leadership will be assigned to be members of the Student Government. This is accorded its own building in the Institute, dedicated to social and organizational activities of the student body.

President: Jung Yunho
Vice-president: Aragaki Yui
Secretary: Ueto Aya
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