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» Xavier Mansion

The X-Mansion, the common name for the Xavier Mansion, is the base of operations and training site of the X-Men and the location of a school for mutant teenagers, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, formerly Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. It is also the worldwide headquarters of the X-Corporation. Its address is 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center (part of the town of North Salem), located in the very northeast corner of Westchester County. The school's motto is "mutatis mutandis."

Mutatis mutandis stands for "With those things having been changed which need to be changed." Mutants are special, one-of-a kind individuals who possess a genetic trait called an X-gene that allows them to naturally develop superhuman powers and abilities. Mutants are members of the subspecies Homo sapiens superior, an evolutionary progeny of Homo sapiens, and are considered the next stage in human evolution. However, ordinary humans cannot accept mutants, thinking that they are aliens and can only do harm to them.

The X-Mansion serves as a refuge for mutants, as well as teaching them to learn more about their powers, and things humans should know, without anyone discriminating or judging them.

You play as your favorite Asian artists as an extraordinary mutant with powers that exceed ordinary human imagination, studying, learning about your powers, interacting with other people, and having fun at the same time. It is also up to you on whether you use your powers for the death or for the good of mankind.

» Rules

1. No Godmodding, trolling, or metagaming. This is strictly prohibited.
2. Please check the taken/reserved lists before applying. All claims should be posted at xmansion_ooc.
3. nO tYpInG lIkE dIs. Write in full sentences (unless your character's a legitimate retard). We know that everyone makes mistakes and typos, but please do use correct spelling and grammar in English so people may understand each other. Also, do try to make logs readable.
4. Only three muses for the time being. I want to see how things go with it before people indulge in more.
5. Two people may have the same powers or related ones. Like for example, one muse has the power of invisibility, and another muse has a power of being invisible because of his/her emotions. Also, your muse may have 1-3 related powers.
6. Please try and stay true to your character. We know that this is an AU community but please don't be too different or deviate from your muse's personality.
7. Though this isn't much of a rule, try and keep in focus with their studies. After all, they're students, and unless you want to make your character suffer with the re-taking of courses, mention classes in your post every once in a while.
8. This RP is alternate-universe. Which means, no one really knows each other, Eeteuk can't magically know Siwon, Ueda Tatsuya can't magically know Nakamaru Yuichi. They're in a school, they need to built friendships and relationships. Unless, of course, there's someone here you know that's also in your friend's list and you can both plan upon how the two or more people know each other.
9. All LJ based RP should be done in paragraph form. And also, all muses must have an AIM account since this will be an LJ and AIM based RP.
10. Friends-lock your entries, including your muse's journal, to make it member-friendly.
11. Avoid OOC conflict. Respect and be nice to each other. No one needs drama here. Leave it for the roleplay. There is a community for that, xmansion_ooc. What happens IC stays IC, and what happens OOC, stays OOC.
12. BE ACTIVE IN THIS RPG. Do not apply for a character if you don't have time to play. After three weeks or so of no posting, this will be interpreted as inactivity. If you are contacted regarding inactivity three times and fail to respond, your character will be dropped, and will be open to anyone who wants to claim them. Feel free to reclaim though. :)

And to see if you really read the rules ( okay, I admit, I seldom read the rules at other communities, but even scanning is okay, um-hmm ), please put the word licorice anywhere in your claim. :)

If you have any questions or anything, just refer here, or ask a mod. ♥ :)

Students who are caught doing this will suffer a suspension or an expulsion depending on the degree of the violation.

» Campus, Classes, and Subjects


The X-Mansion is in the shape of an X. In the middle of the main courtyard is the Phoenix Memorial Statue, dedicated to the memory of Jean Grey. Notable rooms include the Danger Room and a room containing Cerebro, a device that tells if someone is a mutant or not. The Headmasters Office is on the top floor. The basketball court is a popular hang-out in which the mutants use their powers. Directly below the basketball court is the hangar, which houses many transportation vehicles, as well as aircraft such as the X-Men Blackbird.

The X-Mansion is like a typical house with a clinic, a variety of sports facilities, classrooms, cafeteria, a large entertainment room, etc. Each student has his/her own room to give respect to their privacy. Students are allowed to go out during weekends or with permission.


To make it easier for everyone, you will all be taking the same courses and you don't need to apply for them, though others are elective, like dancing. Difficulty will all vary depending on the year level of the student, and everyone from the same level will share one classroom. Like the 9th graders in one classroom, the 11th graders in another, and so on and so forth.


Please do refer here for the subjects, the elective subjects, the teachers and the professors.

» Application Form

Now that the boring part is over, here comes everyone's favorite part: applying!

Mun Information
Personal AIM/ IM Client:

Muse Information
Muse's LJ:
Muse's SN:
Age/Year Level:
Training Squad:
Elective Class/es:
Discovery of Power/s:


*You may choose as many Elective Classes as yuou want, depending upon how much you think your muse can take.
* The list of Training Squads can be found here. See which one you're interested in joining.
*Muses with the age 14 and below cannot join training squads yet, so for example, if you have a muse who's age is 12, simply put 'Lower School' in the Training Squad. (Actually, mutants under the age of 15 cannot have codenames yet, but because I'm nice, I'm making it available for everyone.)
*So, yeah, codenames. Everyone can have them. Just like Kitty Pryde has Shadowcat, Kurt Wagner has Nightcrawler, and Scott Summers has Cyclops, people can have their own codenames. But please, as much as possible, do not make any imitations of any of the X-Men's. Be creative!
*Discovery of Powers: this is where you place how your muse discovered their power. How it happened, when, why it happened, and whatsoever. Please do try to do it in paragraph form, storyline.
*Again, all claims are to be posted in xmansion_ooc. Don't forget the licorice! :D ♥

» Interaction and Gameplay


All posts to the OOC community, xmansion_ooc will be OUT OF CHARACTER. Anything posted in the community is for your information as the player, not the character. The community will be used for announcements and any other important information that needs to be relayed.

Logs and in-character IM conversations will be posted to the community, xavier_mansion. Any interaction outside the journals gets shared with the rest of the players in the game, so that everyone is aware of what is going on, thought this is not mandatory.


You will be required to create a character journal. When you write in your journal, you are writing from the point of view of your character. So instead of writing, "Hyde went out with Gackt today", you say, "I went out with Gackt today". Got it?

IN GAME, the journals are kept on a private server in the Institute. This serves as sort of like their journal or diary wherein they say what's happening around them. Also, filtered, and private notes from one muse to another is able to be seen by players OUT OF CHARACTER, but only to the muse the note is being written to IN CHARACTER.
» Important Links

Student body and government
Claims list
Mass-friend add
RP tags list
OOC tags list

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